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Ebitz India is spearheaded by a group of young professionals who have wide experiences in the fields like Clearance & Forwarding, Warehousing & Logistics, It & Infrastructure, FMCG & FMCD and various other diverse fields. While serving in these fields in the past 8 years we have gained in-depth knowledge and wide exposure in Sales & Technology. Our continued associations with the Dealers have helped us fine- tune our skills and build parallel infrastructure to suit the needs of the dealers. Also we earned accolades for our high quality standards and trustworthy dealings.

We believe that keeping clients happy and satisfied is the important step towards the success. The relation between us and the customer is built on trust and the quality of service which we are providing them since our existence in the industry. This is the reason why Ebitz India became benchmark in the sector of CCTV Surveillance System Distribution and Installation Service.

Our Groups

Ebitz Securities

Ebitz Securities is one of the best CCTV installation service company in Cherthala - Alappuzha. We provide the best of Access control, Biometric Time and Attendance, EPABX, HD CCTV Surveillance, Networking and Smart Home Security. CCTV surveillance is one amongst the best ways to make certain your business and residence is protected. The protection surveillance systems are wide accepted by firms and residences with the explicit goal of reducing the illicit activities happening in the society.

An honest closed-circuit television has all the cameras positioned within the right locations that solely involve within the correct surveillance. It improves productivity and potency of the business. The employment of the protection surveillance during a business atmosphere should be done logically inside the workplace to make sure that the conduct and activities of the staffs are maintained on an honest level. Each and every minute is captured throughout. Once it is acknowledged that the realm is under surveillance work efficiency is increased. The responsibility is to have a watch on the assets and premises and through correct security surveillance work and with the proper CCTV Camera Installation you will be able to accomplish the results you need.

We incorporate CCTV security, CCTV home security, CCTV for workplace, CCTV installation service also as CCTV product sales.

Ebitz Super Stockist

As Super Stockist, we provide Value Added Services, which are based on precise needs of organizations - services that simplify your organization processes and augment customer satisfaction. These services include order processing, Billing, Storing, Handling, Inspection, Repackaging, Transportation and Customer Complaint Handling. Our services focus on providing total logistics solutions to our clients ... and offer to provide the full range of services – from storing of goods to delivering the product at your customer's premises.

Ebitz Distributors

Ebitz Distributors established in Year 2017 by by a group of young professionals who have wide experiences in the fields like Clearance & Forwarding, Warehousing & Logistics, It & Infrastructure, FMCG & FMCD and various other diverse fields. Our company has earned accolades for our high quality standards and trustworthy dealings. We distribute all types of Cantonk CCTV Cameras, XVR, NVR, Cables etc.

Quality Assurance is the prime concern of our business. We are a quality conscious company and our quality management has helped us to gain the trust of our clients in entire Kerala. We have also established a planned distribution control policy to ensure that the products are distributed with complete professionalism, discipline and timeliness. Our endeavor is to add more and more products to our portfolio and reach out to farthest corners of Kerala.

The Organizational Structure is designed to ensure

  • A smooth flow of work

  • We will provide services of superior quality that best fulfils the need of our customers

  • The order sourced from these outlets are fulfilled within 24 hrs anywhere across in Kerala, subject to availability of stock.

  • Providing superior quality service to our trade

Ebitz Foreign Trade

“Ebitz Foreign Trade” that involved in Foreign Trade Operations such as Sourcing, Q.C. Inspection, and F-Evaluation for the last 10 years. We have an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction and never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customer.
We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with products at a very competent and high quality services for very suitable prices. We take care all kind of Food Articles such as Coconut, Onion, Ginger, Ground Nut(Peanut), Spices, Tapioca, etc.. And also have all the Home Décor Articles.

We Specialized in

Home Decor Articles

  • Rubber Mats

  • New Gen Mats

  • Jute Rugs

  • Carpets

  • Bath Mats

  • Cotton Rugs

  • Hammock

  • Kitchen Towel

  • Table Mats

  • Table Cloths

  • Apron, etc-

Eco-friendly Articles

  • Coco-Peat

  • Coir Geotextiles

  • Jute Bags & Accessories

Food Articles

  • Coconut

  • Onion

  • Ginger

  • Spices

  • Tapioca, etc-

Ebitz Pharma

Healthcare distribution has never been just about delivery. It is about getting the right medicines to the right patients at the right time, safely and efficiently. Every day, pharmaceutical distributors sustain a complex supply chain, serving as an important link in the healthcare system and delivering medicines safely, securely and efficiently. We work around the clock to help more than 200 pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics and other healthcare providers across the country keep their shelves stocked with the medications and products that patients need.

Without distributors, manufacturers would spend substantial financial, logistical and staff resources on this task that could be used in other important ways. As the healthcare system rapidly changes, distributors are constantly envisioning new ways to move and secure the nation’s medicines, all while protecting patient safety.

Our Team

Sujith Sugunan

Shijina P Balachandran

Sabina Basheer

Akbar Najeeb

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